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Four Way Books

Back List
More Things in
Heaven and Earth

by Kurt Brown
The Little Bat Trainer
by Gwen Ebert
New Messiahs
by Henry Israeli
Six Small Fires
by Paul Jenkins
  Arrow Pointing North
by David Dodd Lee
The Near Surround
by Nancy Mitchell
Why the Ships are She
by Terri Ford
by Noelle Kocot
Rogue Apostle
by Mary Jane Nealon
by Frazier Russell
The Rules of Paradise
by D.Nurkse
The Four Way Reader #2 Precipice
John Donoghue
The Theory and Function
of Mangoes

George Kalamaras
Molly McQuade
Leaving Xaia
D. Nurkse
Absence, Luminescent
Valerie Martínez
Return of the Prodigals
Kurt Brown
Winter Light
Gary Duehr
The River I Know You By
Stephen Knauth
The Stripper in the Mojave
Ruth Anderson Barnett
Hurry Home
Ann Scott Knight
The Yellow Transparents
Joan Aleshire
Stephen Berg
Whole Sky
Pamela Kircher
Twenty Shadows
Stephen Knauth
The Harness
Pat Mangan
Voices Over Water
D. Nurkse
Traditions of Bread and Violence
Catherine Sasanov
Three Flights Up
Beth Stahlecker