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Four Way Books
by Deborah Bernhardt

Winner of the 2004
Four Way Books Intro Prize
selected by Marianne Boruch

ISBN: 1-884800-72-6
paper, 90 pages, $14.95

Under oneself. Tending, and does. Thinking only of one’s hand.
Sui as in suitor—suing and pursuing.
To cede, which is withdraw. Sidelong. A glancing under decide.
Words get tired of melodrama and off themselves. Lying there, suitable.
An overuse of is, is, is. Sous as in under. Can you spare one under.
I haven’t got a side. What it is: preventable. Ensuite. Or isn’t—it’s predisposed of.
Ici dieu. Where. Sous. You see. Non. Underneath veined cities.
Sweet seed, don’t grow, don’t, my sour sigh.