Four Way Books
The Subsequent Blues
by Gary Copeland Lilley

ISBN: 1-884800-54-8
paper, 78 pages, $14.95

Master bluesman of letters, heir apparent to Etheridge Knight, Gary Copeland Lilley is the versatile troubadour for people doing hard time on the planet. His sage, street-wise, devotional poems give voice to a world of characters conjured out of his observant, affectionate eye, pitch-perfect ear for the vernacular, and an imagination that invites even the gods to take up residence in his lines. A debut to celebrate!

—Eleanor Wilner

Gary Copeland Lilley writes like a man who owns a Stetson hat. Is he Stagolee? The Subsequent Blues is a book filled with a sinner’s honesty. Lilley captures life with all its blue tones and shades. From cigarette smoke, to drinks and drugs, a few of the poems are as seductive as a woman’s thighs. Lilley has seen enough bad times and death that each poem he writes has that flicker of light we once called soul. Put this book in your mojo bag.

—E. Ethelbert Miller