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FOUR WAY BOOKS: Never Before:<BR>Poems About First Experiences
Four Way Books
Never Before:
Poems About First Experiences

An Anthology Edited by
Laure-Anne Bosselaar

ISBN: 1-884800-60-2
paper, 224 pages, $18.95

Driving north before Cochiti exit, he visualizes
a bleeding anthropologist pulled from a wrecked car

but encounters only starlight and wind. Tonight
cars glide past him at eighty. Marine biologists

believed the coelacanth was extinct until a fisherman
off Madagascar pulled one up in a net. After 40,000

photographs in a bubble chamber, technicians had no track
of omega minus and wanted to quit. Sometimes luck

and sometimes perseverance. In the morning he woke
to agapanthus odor, felt presence and absence

resemble an asymptotic line and curve that squeeze
closer and closer but do not touch. He glances up

at Casseopeia arcing toward the north-northwest,
wonders if mosquito eggs in the pond are about to hatch,

sees her trim red and orange ranunculi on the counter.
And as he pushes on the gas and begins to ascend

La Bajada, water runs in the acequia
behind the kitchen porch for the fi rst time this year.