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FOUR WAY BOOKS: Recently Published
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Four Way Books

Recently Published
What the Right Hand Knows
by Tom Healy
Home By Now
by Meg Kearney
The Arrival
by Daniel Simko
by Sandy Tseng
The Plath Cabinet
by Catherine Bowman
And So
by Joel Brouwer
by Farrah Field
by Paul Otremba
After Dayton
C. S. Carrier
Second Things
Daniel Tobin
Orphan Fire
Alissa Valles
Shadow Mountain
Claire Kageyama-
In the Mouth
stories and novellas

Eileen Pollack
National Anthem
Kevin Prufer
Degrees of Latitude
Laurel Blossom
Lane Changes
David Lawrence
Anxious Music
April Ossmann
The Geographic Cure
Ellen Dudley

Hams beneath the Firmament
Terri Ford
The Little Book of Guesses
John Gallaher
Forrest Hamer
The Second Person
C. Dale Young

Incomplete Knowledge
Jeffrey Harrison
The Book of Jobs
Kathryn Maris
Shade 2006: An Anthology of
Poetry and Fiction
edited by David Dodd Lee
Deborah Bernhardt
Catherine Bowman
Siste Viator
Sarah Manguso
Name Withheld
Lisa Sewell
A History of the Only War
by Christopher Davis
The Narrows
by Daniel Tobin
Never Before:
Poems About First Experiences

An Anthology Edited by
Laure-Anne Bosselaar
Points of Balance /
Puntos de Apoyo

by Pablo Medina
Day Mark
by Lee Briccetti
Cathedral of Wish
Cammy Thomas
The Price of Light
Pimone Triplett
Realm of the Possible
by Sharon Dolin
The Subsequent Blues
by Gary Copeland Lilley
Sublimation Point
by Jason Schneiderman
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Buddha's Dogs
by Susan Browne,
Half-Lit Houses
by Tina Chang
The Raving Fortune
by Noelle Kocot
Immaculate Fuel
by Mary Jane Nealon
The Cure
by Sarah Gorham
See Through
by Frances Richard
Shade: New Fiction & Poetry
David Dodd Lee, Editor
Litany of Thanks
by Joan Aleshire
by Joel Brouwer
Big Spring
by Elliot Figman
The Radiant
by Cynthia Huntington
False Horizon
by Sue Standing