Four Way Books
Sublimation Point
by Jason Schneiderman

ISBN: 1-884800-61-0
paper, 65 pages, $14.95

Leibniz died, martyred by the holy church of Newton
the way Galileo died, martyred by the holy church of Christ.
Mathematicians still write the way Leibniz did,
    eschewing Newton’s
fussy physics dots and random letters. We are all afraid
of this, that when at last our genius is revealed,
    it will be duplicated,
that upon discovering the one small thing that no one else can give
to the world, that it will be given twice and we will not get credit.
Three people invented the telephone within an hour of each other
and Bell got to the patent office first. My name will not survive
    my death,
so I say it now: Schneiderman, Schneiderman, Schneiderman.
You will hear my name on others, but it will be
    my father’s name,
not mine. Perhaps only the forgotten know peace
after death. Perhaps Leibniz is angry that I’ve called.