Four Way Books
False Horizon
by Sue Standing

ISBN: 1-884800-46-7
paper, 60 pages, $14.95

Praise for Sue Standing's Gravida

The poems of Gravida give voice to the poet's experience of supposed contraries-daily life and the exotic, personal truth and monumental truth-as not merely touching one another, but as one thing. Gravida presents a compelling view of life, persuasively and elegantly.

—Robert Pinsky

Standing is deeply concerned with the fullness and fecundity of language as it meets the challenge of describing our world's particular strangenesses... Witty, profound, romantic, caustic, Sue Standing's accomplished poetry seems capable of continued and astonishing growth.

—Floyd Skloot, Harvard Review

Regardless of subject or mode, her poems ring with spiritual authority and artistic command. Standing's artistry and intelligence, her knowledge, her receptivity and quietude and tough regard for language, enable her to write brilliant poem after brilliant poem exploring her own complex and honest terrain.

—Richard Simpson, Tar River Poetry

Gravida is heavy and dark, but also pregnant, life-giving.

—Pamela Alexander, Boston Book Review