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Please Bury Me in This

Allison Benis White

Please Bury Me in This is a series of letters. The speaker grieves the death of her father and the loss of several women to suicide while contemplating her own death and the nature of language as a means of human connection that transcends our temporal lives. This book is also concerned with the intergenerational trauma of the children of Holocaust survivors.

from Please Bury Me in This:

Dear Kitty, Dear God, Dear Lucifer.

I cut my hair off this morning, placed the long blond braid in an envelope.

There is only one arc: suffering, transformation. 

Dear Linda, Sexton wrote to her daughter on a flight to St. Louis, I love you. 

In other words, these words, their spectacular lack. 





About the Author

  • “Allison Benis White is a poet driven by duende, what Federico García Lorca called ‘the true struggle…’” —Idra Novey
  • “… Her delicate and elegant furor scribendi reads like a lucid dream in which mortality—the wonder of it, as well as its attendant terrors—is made palpable…. This book haunts.”—Amy Newman
  • “…Please Bury Me in This is, again, in White’s compelling words, ‘the softest howl.’”—Lynn Emanuel
  • “This brilliant book-length collection of prose poems transforms a death into a haunting. Small Porcelain Head is written into the fragility, the already shattered state of loss…The landscape of these poems recalls a musical score where despair flees and chases itself eternally…I was mesmerized.”—Claudia Rankine, judge, Four Way Books Levis Prize in Poetry
  • "Poetry has always wrestled with death as both dark lure and terrifying unknown, and White’s contribution is heartfelt and true, both deeply personal and embracing." — Library Journal Read the full review here.
  • White’s courageous and provocative collection inspires hope by reminding readers that strength can be found in the most desolate places: “What is more beautiful than the hopeless singing?”— Publishers Weekly Read the full review here.

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