paper • 96 pages • 15.95
ISBN-13:  978-1-945588-21-1

The Arrangements

Kate Colby

On Washington Independent Review of Books’ September 2018 Best Books List.

Here are love poems for the 21st century, writing into meaning what before could only be felt.

The Arrangements explores love and desire as they relate to the boundaries of body, mind and language, and how these bonds and boundaries bleed into and maintain one another’s discreteness.

“Broad Night” from The Arrangements:

The only light is
all around—fullmoon on each
ice-locked twig,

reflective mess
with brutal stars

in it. Love
is distance

its reaches
in your face

branching there.
Here chandelierof dependent prisms,
what nimbus splits

into and joins it.



  • "...She asks the right questions, the ones rooted in nature and to which there is no answer."-Paul Hoover
  • "...This is an electrifying collection, simultaneously wild and precise. It rearranged my mind into its best shape, eager to learn how to be part of the day and its world."-Heather Christle
  • "With verve and purpose, Colby plays trick after alluring trick to write herself in and out of meaning."-Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)
  • "...Kate Colby is a poet of great restraint, great elegance, and great attentiveness. These qualities all shimmer through her latest collection. Each poem is composed of the sparest couplets, which manage, even in their brevity and precision, to raise the most expansive questions of existence...." Read the full review.
  • "Counteractions, counterindications, and impossible interactions mark this meticulously crafted and sonically alluring seventh collection from Colby...." Read the full review.