Submit to Four Way Books During the Year

January 1-April 1, 2020 at 3 AM EST online via our submission manager to accommodate our west coast friends.  
The Four Way Books Levis Prize in Poetry

Diane Seuss, judge
For a book-length collection of poetry written in English. Open to any poet writing in English, regardless of publication history. $1000.00 honorarium and participation in a Four Way Books reading in NYC. $30.00 processing fee. Online submissions accepted. We will respond by Labor Day.

Click here for complete guidelines.

June 1-June 30
The Four Way  Books June Open Reading Period

Open to all poets and fiction writers. Book-length poetry collections, story collections, and novellas.
We do not publish novels, translations, or non-fiction. $30.00 processing fee. Online submissions only. We will respond by mid-November.

Click here for complete guidelines.

November 15-December 15, 2020
It’s No Contest

For a book-length manuscript written in English by a New York City resident (5 boroughs) emerging writer for a first or second collection of poems, stories, or a novella.

Guidelines to submit: email your manuscript in one Word or PDF file and include all contact information on your cover page. If you would like, you may include acknowledgments, bio, and notes. You should include a table of contents. Pagination suggestions: aim for at least 45 pages of text for poetry and between 80-150 pages of text for a novella, and 150-250 pages of text for story collections. Kindly send your manuscript to us at editors@fourwaybooks.com. Simultaneous submissions are allowed. No fee to submit. We will respond to you by March 31, 2021. Thank you.

We are looking for well-crafted poetry, story collections, and novellas. Four Way Books is known for publishing aesthetically diverse works of merit. We want writers to feel that they can submit to us, rather than worrying that their work might not be a good fit.

All work will be read by members of the Four Way Books editorial team. All work is read by at least two readers. We do not employ students or interns to read submissions, although they may read manuscripts for training purposes only.

Four Way Review

Four Way Review is a biannual electronic literary journal from non-profit, independent literary publisher Four Way Books. We publish poetry and fiction from both established and emerging authors through our open submissions process.

Please note:  Four Way Books editors do not offer editorial comments on submissions. We consider ourselves to be readers only until we actually sign a contract with an author. At that point, we develop an editorial relationship with the author. 

Thank you for your interest in  Four Way Books.