paper • 73 pages • 14.95
ISBN-13: 978-1884800-78-8

Hams beneath the Firmament

Terri Ford



The Lord is my Arctic, my tube
nosed bird. He hoppeth over
the surface of waters, my Jesus
bird who doth follow my ship.

He broods over cliff’s edge, ponderous
over all of the penguins balancing
their eggs on their feet.

The Lord is my giant frigate bird. I am
his limpet, krill, and his plankton.
He is the blue and the ever
in waking, blue
in the wake.

Praise by Karen Brennan
Praise by Daisy Fried

“Terri Ford serves up a delicious mouthful of language. Smart, fearless, wacky, sublime and superbly concocted, Hams beneath the Firmament is a marvel. ” —Karen Brennan

“The irrepressible Terri Ford is back with deliciously ticklish lyrics about the single woman’s life in the middle of America. Ford is your bighearted, look-at-me, lovelorn-but-laughingabout- it best girlfriend, if your best girlfriend could write poems unlike anyone else’s. Even when Ford mourns, she plays. And when she plays, she’s got plenty that’s serious to say, all through the playing.” —Daisy Fried