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Christina Pugh

Perception consists of short poems rooted in observed objects. Using metaphoric description as well as association, the poems inhabit the objects or entities that they contemplate — ranging from paintings and shop signs to wallpaper and flower species. These poems are seeking to enact a tenor of attention — the power of singular focus — that is too easily lost in our multi-tasking age.

“A Smaller Purple” from Perception:

Small	  like the bee’s
balm	 remembered
in the field  – a tatter
in the blossom	   and 
the hue       faded 
eastward:  –   deep   

sips	missing
from the   beveled     
glass that   constitutes  
our	loved  	 
color, violet







About the Author

  • “Christina Pugh’s Perception transports us, from its opening starburst of phrases, through ravishing particulars....”—Phillis Levin
  • “…I already find myself returning often to these beautiful, intricate meditations, grateful for what they release, grateful for what they restore.”—Mary Szybist