Points of Balance  Puntos de Apoyo Cover

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ISBN-10: 1-884800-64-5

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Points of Balance/Puntos de Apoyo

Pablo Medina



Aquí, una taza de café,
allá, alguien toca a la puerta.

Entre el café y la aldaba
hay doscientos años luz.

Llevo la taza a la puerta,
se multiplican los siglos y la luz.


I move from one language
to another, I dive

from a pool of water
to a pool of dreams,

from the fire of words
to the shadow beyond them.

About the Author

  • ". . . one of the few genuine poetic voices to come out of the Cuban diaspora." —Gustavo Pérez Firmat, Linden Lane Magazine
  • "Medina speaks in many voices, some of them soft and keening, some loud with protest, and all of them reverberate with anger or sorrow at the human condition." —Michael Kiernan, The Washington Post
  • "Medina is a gifted poet with a piercingly memorable vision." —Henry Taylor, The Washington Times
  • "The pure pleasure of reading Pablo Medina's poetry is a measure of its lyric power, its spare and elegant language, the hairpin turn of its metaphors, the emotional ambience of its landscapes, its mating of sexual exuberance and historical melancholy." —Eleanor Wilner