paper • 83 pages • 14.95
ISBN-10: 1-884800-57-2

Realm of the Possible

Sharon Dolin


Praise for Realm of the Possible

“At one level, these poems provide the rich, patient narrative of a tapestry: Here is a woman weeping on the subway. Here are jeans hanging in the light and air of a foreign city. Here are chairs, coffee cups, fountains, and roasted almonds. But the strength of this book is that the tapestry changes to a living, hurtful theatre: the poems keep breaking their own elegant surface to reveal the shadows of loss and memory and fear. These fine poems pull the reader in—enchanting, disturbing, and consoling, all at the same time.”

—Eavan Boland


“Far-traveling in both interior and outer realms, Sharon Dolin’s poetry ranges from the exploration of love, loss, and mourning to the unexpected kinships of New York daily life, to the spiritual celebration of new motherhood. Realm of the Possible is a book of hard-won recognitions and sensuous praises: precise, moving, and replete with a life spoken fully, a world given name in all its parts.”

—Jane Hirshfield