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ISBN-13: 978-1-935536-86-4


Bruce Bond

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This book of poems—distinctive in their lyric beauty, imaginative daring, distilled emotion, and ceaseless questioning—explores the mysteries of the flesh in terms both surreal and philosophical, scientific and metaphysical, personal and broadly cultural—the body both as a region, not unlike the mind itself, haunted by a simultaneous distance and nearness, intimating some vast underworld for which we have no language.

From “Snow,” from Sacrum:

In Memory of Jack Myers

I am calling out to you where you sleep
off the rest of our night,
our chill, our little century,
where snow falls as it has never fallen,
not here, not with the weight
of hours that drug these oaks,
that break our dark umbrella at the stem. 
All day the great book of heaven
plunges through the shredder—
the book of life, you called it,
not sure who or what life
noted there, if living was alone
the afterworld of books.…
Praise by Rick Barot

‘The poet writes the history of his body,’ Thoreau once noted, and nothing could be truer of the work undertaken by Bruce Bond in Sacrum. Exploring the tender vulnerabilities of the body and the complicated processes of consciousness, these poems keep arriving at elegy by meditating on the vivacities that make a life: love and pain, knowledge and time, wonder and reality. All the while, as one poem’s speaker intones, ‘be one part miracle, another / blunder.’ In what is now a considerable body of work, Bond has been exploring that terrain between miracle and blunder in poems that get richer with each book. Sacrum is a superb and necessary addition to our poetry.”—Rick Barot