paper • 70 pages • 13.95
ISBN-10: 1-884800-44-0

The Little Bat Trainer

Gwen Ebert



What I remember is green sage
blowing over pink clay for miles,
horses running the flushed length of the sky.

The hair on my arms blew backwards.
That was all I thought.
Sheep between red mesas and gullies,
warm air and shadows.

There was nothing but wind.
I did not understand a thing.
I did not want to.
At night I prayed to my old Lord
to leave through the window
and stay outside like the moon,
to keep that kind of distance.

Praise by Lynn Emanuel

“The desert, ‘hoax of the dry,’ and the water; the living and the dead; the fallen and the saved; nature and the ‘worked world’; the self and all that endangers the self—these are elemental binaries that embrace in Gwen Ebert’s The Little Bat Trainer. In her first book, Ebert has fashioned a cosmos. Lyric and narrative, prose poem and meditation gather companionably. Within this volume’s compass, the contemporary and the biblical commingle and inter-illuminate. Past and present are braided together. A bell’s ‘cling,’ ‘cling,’ ‘cling,’ iterates the governing trope of these poems. This is, finally, a work of astonishing reconciliation. From a contemporary culture of fracture, Ebert has forged a work of embrace and magnanimity, a work that is without irony, a work that is wholly compelling. The Little Bat Trainer is bitter, rapturous, lamenting, furious, and entirely original. ‘I was the stone embedded in Goliath’s forehead. I was the Centurion’s gorgeous boot . . . I was the bullock waiting to burn for Baal.’ This book is a vision. A grand debut.” —Lynn Emanuel