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ISBN-13: 978-1-935536-89-5

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Glen Pourciau

These stories present what goes on in the minds of people involved in everyday situations and encounters. Much of the drama occurs in what inhabits their silence and is expressed in internal monologues. As readers become engaged in a person’s viewpoint and voice, they may begin to see the story from a different perspective than the narrator’s. The ground shifts under the speaker’s words to reveal the limitations of a single person’s view.

From “Mercy,” from View:

Vacation, Mexican beach, drinks in our hands, the cell phone rings, our neighbor Mercy calling, across the street, one house over. She hesitates to disturb us on our vacation, but something is bothering her she needs to tell us about. She’s been looking at our house through binoculars. Probably no reason for alarm, but it should be up to us to decide what to worry about when it comes to our house….

Praise by Dean Bakopoulos
Praise by Samantha Hunt
Praise by Charlotte Kupsh for The Los Angeles Review

“‘In spite of my efforts I couldn’t succeed in extracting myself from my own wilderness,’ says one of the charmingly direct narrators in Glen Pourciau’s wonderful new collection View. This sentiment captures the entertaining, somewhat surreal, and wholly palpable and contemporary struggle at the core of all of these memorable stories, chronicles of confusion and heartache in the generic malls, cubicles, and chain restaurants of an America that is increasingly adrift in every way.”—Dean Bakopoulos

“I’ve never much been interested in books that solve mysteries. No. I much prefer those like Glen Pourciau’s View, a collection that describes the boundary where what’s everyday meets the mysterious. View allows its reader to swim in life’s inexplicable depths, floating through stories that glow with a strange, new, irresistible light.” —Samantha Hunt

“…Pourciau skillfully blends the normal with the abnormal, blurring the lines between reader and narrator to create stories that readers will find painfully relatable and, ultimately, deeply engrossing….” Read the full review here.