2023 Four Way Books June Open Reading Period

Submission Dates: June 1 – June 30, 2023
Open to all poets and fiction writers. Book-length poetry collections, story collections, and novellas.
Submissions accepted online only.
Please read the following instructions carefully:


General Guidelines (for all submissions)

BE SURE YOUR NAME DOES NOT APPEAR ON YOUR MANUSCRIPT. Our online form via Submission Manager will capture your contact information.

Submit a previously unpublished, full-length poetry manuscript, story collection or novella in English.

Material in your manuscript may have been published previously in chapbook, magazine, journal or anthology form, but the collection as a whole must be unpublished. You may include an acknowledgments page of previous publications if you would like to do so.

Page lengths: A single novella should be between 120-180 pages; story collection, approximately 200-300 pages; poetry collections, approximately 48-80 pages of text, no more than one poem per page, please. More than one section of a poem can appear on a page, of course. These are page length suggestions. We allow more or fewer pages.

Please use a legible 12 point font. Please use 1-1/2 or double spacing for fiction; for poetry, your preference. You may include a table of contents, acknowledgment page, etc. if you would like to do so.

Do not include art work.

Translations and previously self-published books are not eligible.

You may submit multiple manuscripts, but each must be treated as an individual submission, submitted separately, and each requires an entry fee of $30.00 per submission. Each must have complete contact info, etc. If you have entered the Levis Prize you may still submit to the June Open Reading Period.

If you pay the entry fee but fail to submit your manuscript by the deadline, your fee will not be returned.

Please let us know immediately if your manuscript is accepted elsewhere.

In the event of a condition beyond our control (website down, internet down, power outage,  or other extreme circumstances), the deadline will be extended and notice will be given along with the reason for the extension.

Online submissions:
Our Reading Policy

Our preliminary readers are selected by the director of the press and are published writers, experienced editors, and/or writers who have received a graduate degree in creative writing or literature. We do not employ students to read manuscripts. Each manuscript is read by at least two readers. We rotate our readers seasonally so that those writers who wish to re-submit to Four Way Books can be assured that their manuscript(s) will receive fresh “reads.” Selections for publication are made by the publisher and director of Four Way Books.

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